Our school teaches Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu, a system of jujitsu developed in Hawaii in the early 1900s. We strive to be a welcoming place for everyone who wishes to better themselves through the study of the martial arts, and we do not discriminate based on race, gender, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, or disability. Our dojo operates on the ideals of Kokua and Jita-Kyoei, or extending help without selfish intent for mutual welfare and benefit.

Interested in Joining?

We offer a free trial class for anyone interested in joining our dojo. Please email or call us so that we know you’re coming. We recommend wearing comfortable athletic clothing for your first visit, such as sweat pants and an old t-shirt. If you continue training you will need to obtain a white judo-gi (uniform).